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Car Key History

Updated: May 15, 2019

Car keys years ago were very simple, just a brass key blank single sided with only only cuts on one side. The single sided keys could only be physically placed into the lock one way for it to operate. Then they started producing keys that were double sided, these were also brass keys blanks but these needed to be cut on both sides to operate the lock. The double sided keys were made as convenience keys, meaning it could be placed either way into the lock and it would operate. Convenience keyed locks were made in to different configurations. One configuration was one sided, meaning only one side of the double sided key worked the lock no matter which way you inserted the key as long as both sides were cut the same. The second configuration was different. Both sides of the key would need to be cut the same but the even cuts on the double sided key would work one side of the lock and the odd cuts would work the other side. Both sides would need to be cut in order to be inserted and work as a convenience key.


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