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Commercial Locksmith Rekey Services

Commercial & Residential Rekey Locks Service

One of the many calls we get everyday is to lock somebody out of a property by rekeying the door locks. We can actually change the inside of your existing deadbolt locks without buying new ones. We have purchased rekey kits for many different lock brands. With these rekey kits, we will add different pins and springs.

By doing this, it will erase the the working key to access multiple locks on your property. Usually when you call a locksmith to rekey your home it is because you have lost a key. Depending on the type of lock it will always be cheaper to rekey locks than replacing them.

Many times our customers fix up their house for resell. Small home improvements, like replacing a front door will require hiring a locksmith to install new locks. This way you have nice looking locks that match the new door. New lock costs vary depending on the brand, finish and whether it is decorative.

We have a shop location that rekeys locks also. Remove the cylinders and bring the key to your home and we will rekey your locks to a separate key.

Locksmith For Commercial Locks

Commercial locks come in all shapes and sizes. We sell and rekey almost every brand of commercial lock available. We rekey commercial storefront locks, commercial levers, door knobs, deadbolts and IC core cylinders.

Call us today to rekey your commercial locks. Our commercial locksmith have years of experience removing, repairing, rekeying and installing commercial locks. We try to keep locks in stock but sometimes we will need to order locks for your project.

Now more than ever your property needs to stay safe and secure. We can help you by rekeying your locks. Whether you have a small project or a big one, we can rekey your locks. Call us today at 281-334-7233 for service today.

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